You can no longer control your consumer's behaviour. How they interact with your brand, products or services is entirely up to them. With so many channels it is imperative to have a solution that can tackle them all at the same time.

From e-Avenues to bricks-and-morter stores, from mobile to desktop websites, consumers are no longer interacting with brands in only a few places. Through the advancement of technology available to each one of us we have the ability to shop, watch, order, listen, capture and review the world around us like never before.

Brands are expected to have not only a consistent brand interface across all these channels, but also to provide a seamless transition between them all. As average attention spans dwindle to seconds it is peoples' patience that proves the difference between a successful transaction and a failed one.

Valtech works with companies who want to provide the very best experience to their customers on every channel. Our Customer Responsive Platforms combined with our Data services and a belief in Experience-Driven Commerce allows these businesses to realise their full potential.

If your customer begins their journey on a mobile device, but your success with them depends on driving them to your high-street store, are you allowing that journey to continue by incentivising the jump to the next touch-point? If not, you will not see success.

Merely having a presence on each channel is not enough. Customers must be unaware of their transition from "just browsing" to "purchase made," and the two ends of the journey are often started and completed on different devices and channels. Valtech has repeatedly been successful in the creation of platforms that provide a 360 degree view of the customer, giving our clients real-time data from all the channels they have been through. This enables marketers to make ROI driven decisions based on facts rather than presumption, a powerful development instrumental in economies of experience.