A global brand with local flair


Business Transformation for the World’s Largest Beauty Brand

World Leader in Beauty

L’Oreal is the world leader in beauty, with yearly revenues topping €25 billion and close to 100,000 employees working across 30 brands; its activities span skin care, sun protection, makeup, perfume, hair care and color. With the goal of becoming the “#1 Digital Beauty Brand” in the world, L’Oreal was ready for a business transformation.

With this goal in mind, L’Oreal knew it needed a partner to accelerate innovation across digital brand experience, new digital products and services. Ultimately, this endeavor would require identifying a cost-effective and scalable solution to bring all its brands onto one platform. For this project, L’Oreal selected Sitecore as its global CMS partner and Valtech as its business transformation partner.

Creating an Agile delivery model

To effectively run a program of such scale, Valtech set up design and delivery centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia to work closely alongside the client brands and countries involved. From the start, Valtech suggested that L'Oreal switch to an Agile delivery model. Together with the client, Valtech ramped up Agile training for over 80+ L'Oreal employees and guided L'Oreal through its new change management process. 

With a solid team structure and delivery model in place, Valtech is now delivering on L'Oreal's 600+ websites over the next 3 years. The solution constitutes the largest Sitecore implementation in history!

Currently, Valtech is doing 800+ deployments monthly and running 10,000+ regression tests daily. Eight parallel teams are working towards one shared goal: developing a global solution that is flexible enough to support the local flair of different markets while simultaneously removing silos within L'Oreal's organization. As an added benefit, Valtech is streamlining country roll-outs, thus allowing for reduced time-to-market and increased savings for L'Oreal.

Valtech and L’Oreal enjoyed great success with the first few brands to go live, and the roll-out across all the countries is in progress. L'Oreal has already seen significant cost savings, enabling faster innovation for its customers worldwide. 

"Valtech was an obvious choice, for many reasons," said Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer at L'Oreal, "The first is it has this huge blend of digital marketing knowledge, technology forte, agile strength and this change management that it brings to the whole project, because it's a very complex project. Again, it's 15 brands, it's 65 countries, so it's a huge project.

The second thing is really about the fact that they bring these global-local flavor to the project and again, when you're a big company like us, you need to be able to both support the brands centrally but also the local needs. Because consumers in Thailand are very different from consumers in the U.S., obviously, so this knowledge of Valtech and the fact that they are this big global footprint helped us a lot on that."